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ENCollect is a mobility driven solution for collection agencies, field agents and banks to colloborate on debt collection activities, end to end.

It makes it easy to allocate and track payment pickups, collect and update payments, issue receipts and be in sync.

More collections.Not just in less time.
In less money too.

Allocate intelligently.

The ENCollect web portal does all the hard work behind the scenes to help your collection agencies decide on where should the collection agents be going for payment collections. Today.

Say Go.

All your collection agents will have their list for the day ready right on their phone : whom to meet, where to go, how much to collect. And everything else they need. Why waste time going back and forth to office for such trivial info!

Collect in style.

Collect the payment. Take customer signature. Update her payment details. Everything through the ENCollect mobile app. Smarter customer experience, isn’t it? And you get to know all that happens instantaneously too.

RIP - manual receipts.

Now issue receipts with the bluetooth printer that we give you. SMS and email the PDF copy to the customer. Instant. Imagine the tons of money you’d thus save on manual receipt managing. Printing, shipping, tracking, storing and what not. Gone.

Be centrally vigilant.

With all the data pertaining to collection being online, you get 360 visibility into all the collection activities. From payment collection to deposit to updation on the core system. No delay in knowing where’s your money lying.

Who loves manual reconciliation anyway ?

You don’t need to. The ENCollect web portal does it for you. These intelligent everyday reports give you a clear idea of how much money got collected, how much got deposited, how many collections ticked off and much more. No one dares to fraud now.

Take back control of your collections.
With ENCollect.