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Tech for startups

Technology for Startups

We know how start-ups breathe

We love start-ups. They're set out to change the world on their own terms. They fill gaps. They're exciting things to be a part of.

Got an exciting idea for web or mobile? Creating something new or revamping something tired on digital platform? We engage actively with start-ups, especially the tech start-ups. Our niche.

A track record you can trust

Track record you can trust

Having helped more than 100 start-ups realise their dreams in past 6 years, we now know how start-ups breathe. 95% of repeat business talks for itself.

Team of geeks

Team of geeks

Rest assured about the top talent working on your project and not a less qualified "B" team. Our bunch of geeks ship clean Ruby on Rails code that works.

Idea to clarity to reality

Idea to clarity to reality

Clients love us for bringing essential clarity to their ideas. Idea being raw or ripe, we partner them all the way - from idea to clarity to reality.

Sans disconnect

Sans disconnect

We work hard to ensure that there are no disconnects along the way. With frequent small impact interactions, you get what you had set out for.

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What they've to say

"This team is among the strongest I've worked with."

Shawn Cheatham
My Fit Hub
"I strongly recommend Sumeru as a highly professional organization."

Christian Sommerauer
"I plan on hiring them again, and have recommended them to other team at Engine Yard."

Matt Reider
Engine Yard