Information Security

Network security

Network Security

Better safe than sorry

It's not a question of will your network be compromised—it's when. Most security-conscious businesses around choose Sumeru when it comes to securing their networks. For availability. Integrity. Confidentiality. Manageability. And safety. Of their networks.

How do we make you safe?

How we make you safe

We do VA/PT. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are simple and proven stuff. A perfect blend of automation and human analysis to discover all threats facing your network.

Roadmap to safety

Roadmap to safety

We start with the black box testing - simulation of the approach of a hacker who has no access to the the network, and uncover risks posed by a hacker. Then white box testing as an authenticated user. The result is a solid report of vulnerabilities discovered with proof of concept and remedial suggestions. And wait, we don't leave the post remedial report too. Part of it.

Same VA/PT. With human touch

Human touch

With automated testing, we scan IPs, remove false positives and scan open and filtered ports. With, semi automated, we look for advisories for known vulnerabilities, check for exploitability and modify the exploit. Manual fuzzing, reverse engineering and simulated code analysis makes the manual testing complete.

More useful reporting

Useful reporting

We're not interested in stuffing you with just-any-report and keep quiet. Our whole focus is in making you safe. Finding flaws. And our reports do exactly same, with details that you'd not have even expected. Like risk level, exposure, ease of exploitation, impact on the customer, remedial suggestions and much more.

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What they've to say

"Top class professionalism has been consistently shown."

"Our management was very pleased with the risk assessment outcome."

Swathi Gaddala
SHS Compliance
“Increased the confidence levels of our services with our customers."

Hemalatha T
UL DQS India