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Knowing how your customers "feel" about your bank (brand) is crucial. But difficult to define and measure. Most customers don't share their negative feedback with the banks directly. But with everyone else. And negativity spreads. Faster. Worse, they never come back. What to do?

Take a breather, with mystery shopping

Take a breather with mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a great way to find out how your customers view your bank. We get a secret shopper to purchase your product, ask questions, register complaints or behave in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports about their experiences. An objective, anonymous third-party assessment of your customer experience.

Avalanche of unknowns

Avalanche of unknowns

Does your staff have enough knowledge of the product and your brand? Is your staff motivated and striving to create great experience? How effective is your teller platform and staff? How's your ROI in staff, systems and trainings? How is the quality of your financial products, the efficiency of the bureaucratic procedures and the politeness of the employees? We'll have answers ready for you.

Raise your customer ratings

Raising your customer ratings

We show you where and how employees recommend your products. We reveal how your employees engage with your customers. We track compliance with service standards, product availability and price. We create reports on your store environments and point-of-sale communications. We assign consultants who are expert in your industry and are well versed with your products.

And more

And more

On top of this, we do a little more for you. Give you an expert advice on how to meet aspirations of stakeholders, customers, employees, optimally. Check the customer service offered by the rival business. Inspect office hygiene and infrastructure. Offer advice and information concerning managerial actions that will improve the overall profile of the company. Delightful, isn't it?

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