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Mobile app security

Mobile Application Security

Because much of your life resides there

Smartphones are the new credit cards. This is where our wallets are. And this is where our most critical information lives. Are your mobile applications secure enough to earn and retain the confidence of your customers?

Focused security testing

Focused testing

Mobile applications face serious challenges. Insecure data storage, weak server side control, insufficient protection at the transport layer, client side injection among many. With Sumeru's focused penetration testing, secure code review, reverse engineering, you discover and keep them at an arm's distance.

Deep, comprehensive investigation

Deep testing

At Sumeru, our investigation goes much deeper than automated testing. To make sure that no known vulnerabilities are left undiscovered, we employ a comprehensive three layered assessment methodology that comprises: Automated, Semi-Automated and Manual tests.

Effective reporting

Effective reporting

Our reports are more than a bunch of papers. They highlight areas of maximum risk and impact. They showcase proof-of-concept exploits. They contain statistics of the number of vulnerabilities. Not just that, they also suggest solutions for immediate and tangible improvements.

Excellent remedial support

Remedial support

While you're busy fixing the vulnerabilities, we don't leave you alone. We're there with you for anything. And our post remedial assessment makes it even better. It ensures that the discovered vulnerabilities are plugged and the application is made secure. No escape.

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What they've to say

"Increased the confidence levels of our services with our customers."

Hemalatha T
UL DQS India
"Their ability to align service delivery to business goals has directly helped us add value to our customers. "

Paruchuri Raghukumar
TATA Power
"Our management was very pleased with the risk assessment outcome."

Swathi Gaddala
SHS Compliance