Information Security

Digital forensics

Digital Forensics

If there's a smoking gun, we'll find it

Did a former employee leave your organisation and leak sensitive information? Did someone trade your business secrets to a competitor? Is there a case of sexual harassment or pornography which might have an electronic clue? We pride in discovering critical electronic evidences needed to determine the truth in such cases with the use of intelligent digital forensics.

The first step

The first step

When we start on such an engagement with an organisation, we like to learn a few things. What were your security procedures and objectives? Whether you've any compliance obligations? What are the incidents due to which you're conducting forensic investigation? Are we required to produce the evidences in the court? All these to help you better.

No stone unturned

No stone unturned

After the incident has taken place, far more information is retained on a computer than most people realise. And retrieving this information is not as simple as turning on the computer. It may reside on almost anything - computer, laptop, HDD, CDs, DVDs, imaging of HDD, RAM content, data packets from network etc. Our forensic experts scan through everything. We securely save all the evidences found, document them and take necessary backups.

Conclusion friendly reporting

Conclusion friendly reporting

Serious forensic activity certainly generates tons of information. Which maybe very difficult and complex to process and use. We take extra care while generating final reports for you. Which means sifting information carefully to get you the key findings. And detailed findings. Things necessary to reconstruct the event and help you win. It's a knack.

Much more than data-recovery

More than recovery

Our business is not oriented toward data recovery. It is about true electronic discovery and forensic investigation. We interpret the results, provide expert opinion, the key evidence impacting the case and information in a form that can be used easily. We save you time and cost. And provide a higher quality conclusion. Have us in your toolkit.

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