We're Sumeru.

In service of those doing work that matters.
Like you.

Bringing together over a decade of passionate experience in software making, banking solutions and security.

Create remarkable digital products

Whether you are a start-up or a well set organisation, if you're looking to create something on web or mobile, we should talk. We make it easy for you to bring your digital ideas to reality. Sites, apps or software.

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Outsource banking processes

Most multinational banks around you today depend on us when it comes to outsourcing their non core-banking processes. Are you still getting it done the old way? It's time to switch.

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Secure your digital existence

Security is not just about technology. It's about the trust your customers put in you. You'll sleep much better knowing that we've got your back with our delightfully simple security solutions.

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Managed IT Services made easy

You’re often stuck trying to find solutions for things like IT management and operation. They’re important; but can eat away a lot of your time and slow down your growth momentum, if you do them yourself. If it’s time to focus on the core and accelerate, let’s talk.

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Freelancers. Multinationals. Entrepreneurs. Banks. Universities. Hotels. Non-profits. Airlines. Writers. Filmmakers.

Our clients from more than 20 countries are interesting people working on meaningful ideas. They trust us and we keep giving them reasons to.

We'd love to have you too as our happy customer. Let's talk.

Meet us.
Here are a few things that make our soul.

Business success
& social impact

We unite business success and social impact. That's the core objective of our existence. Our profits fund social projects of global relevance.

Trust is the
breath of business

And ethics it's limbs. Being open and transparent in all our dealings is of the highest importance to us. We'll never take your trust for granted.

It's odd we've not worked together yet. Odds are, we will, soon. Let's engage!